Patient Testimonials From Our Happy Pages

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Friendly, prompt, appointments kept on time, caring, and responsive.”
Dr. Brad B.

“Dr. Bednarski always makes me feel welcome and does a great job. Very happy!”
Rob B.


“Dr. Bednarski has been my families dentist for many, many years. Prior to becoming her patient I absolutely hated going to the dentist – even for a routine cleaning. I am NOT a good patient. Dr. B. and her staff have always been simply wonderful not only to me and my fears but to my children as they were growing up. They are adults now and my daughter still chooses to have Dr. B. and her staff. My son would as well except he no longer lives in the area. For several years Dr. B. explained to me how much better she could make my teeth and smile look. She explained to me year after year how she could re-sculpt my gum line and replace my chipped front teeth with veneers and reshape my entire smile. For years my front teeth have been chipped and too small for my mouth and gums. Well of course, the “chicken” in me kept saying no. I told her I had other things to spend my money on. That was true but the bigger truth was I was a chicken! The year 2010 arrived and I would be turning 50 in the fall. In the spring during my cleaning appointment Dr. B. (persistent as she is) talked with me about it again. Perhaps it was 50 or perhaps she was finally getting through to me because I had been noticing more than ever before in recent pictures that my smile looked really bad because of my teeth. So, I took a deep breath and said I am going to do it! The appointments were scheduled and off we went. I will not lie, for a chicken, it is a pretty significant procedure with multiple appointments BUT you can believe this…..the change was even more significant. Yes, the teeth look great but the biggest difference is how they changed my smile. The difference is major in before and after pictures. When I see pictures of me now the first thing I notice is how much better I look in the picture and all because of my teeth and my smile. My smile is bigger and wider, my teeth pop and I look younger! I thank Dr. B. for her persistence but more importantly, I thank her for her caring nature, her dedication to her patients and for the pride she takes in making sure that the end result is perfection. While the process is not cheap Dr. B and her staff really help in offering options and payment plans. There is truth in the saying you get what you pay for! If you are reading this because you are considering a procedure that Dr. B is recommending I can only tell you that in my situation she knew what she was talking about and she knew what she was doing. Yes, Dr. B. I will admit it, I should have listened to you years ago!”
Keep smiling, Laura H.


“I am very happy to have Dr. Bednarski for a dentist. I feel fortunate, because prior to her I had work done by other dentists (in-network dentists through various insurance plans) and I had some bad experiences.


I was referred to Dr. B. by my orthodontist. After having my overbite corrected and my teeth straightened with braces, I still wasn’t completely happy with my teeth… mainly because the front teeth looked very short (the gums came down too far over them – and the gum line sloped down from left to right). So my orthodontist referred me to Dr. Bednarski, saying “She does great work. She’ll take care of your gums. Plus, she’s an artist; she’ll make your smile beautiful!” And she did.

She first did laser gum recontouring, which I am extremely pleased with. My gum line is straight, and my teeth look a more appropriate size now! I stayed with her, even though she is out-of-network in my particular insurance plan – because it’s worth it to have a dentist this good, one that really cares. My love for sweets led me to having multiple cavities filled in the past with metal fillings. She gradually changed-out all the fillings from metal to tooth-colored. She color-matched the fillings so perfectly that I can’t tell where they are! Then I needed two crowns and I was afraid to get it done, but she did a terrific job. The crowns are the most natural I’ve seen!!

I’m very pleased with the work Dr. B. has done for me over the past 5 years. My teeth look great, and my mouth is healthy. She has all the latest equipment. She’s also gentle, never makes me feel rushed, explains everything as she’s working, and she’s very meticulous. She is genuinely kind, friendly… and her office manager and dental assistant are both wonderful people too!!

Thank you, Dr. B! I no longer dread going to the dentist!!!!”
Denise M.


LOVE Dr. B!! I had bounced around from dentist to dentist for years. None of them could get me numb enough to give proper dental care without a ton of pain and stress. Dr. B is the first dentist that has been able to give me a pain free, stress free and easy going dental experience. I was so happy and relieved after my first visit that I just had to hug her!
She is also the most genuinely caring dentist I’ve ever met. She’s sweet, passionate, knows her stuff front and back, and takes great care of me. I always look forward to seeing Dr. B! Who else can say that about their dentist? Thankful that I can 😀

-Becky R. Meyer